Holiday home

Complexity: simple
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Holiday home

This house is suitable for three people.

This house is from the mod Instant Structures and I want to improve it sometime.


It would be much too long to explain... But there is the world for download and a few screenshots!
Entrance: -
Screenshots: Ground floor: - First floor: - Second floor: -


  1. the facility is missing, but from the idea a good idea. However, you have used too much glass. A holiday home should be there to make holidays and not be an invitation for Peeping Toms.

  2. Things from mods are actually Ok. But you should write it to it. So people hear about the mod and people without the mod still have a new idea.
    What bothers me personally more is that here is now so much only marked for creative. This is not creative mode only. This is a bit of wool and glass. Everyone who plays Survival has collected that after about 10 minutes.

  3. Down with mod installer clients. These help themselves to mods without the permission of the creators to have. The creators often use links to get paid for their work. This income is eliminated when you use mod installer clients. Installing mods is a pretty simple thing. And who manages to turn on his PC also manages to install mods.

    Here the mod