Hot Air Balloons

Complexity: simple
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Hot Air Balloons

A small decoration of the sky with small colored balls, also called hot air balloons.

There's something about floating high above the clouds. You can achieve this with hot air balloons! From below they just look nice, from above they can provide a good view (Although you can't really get up there in Survival. But you could also use command blocks to teleport up). If you don't want to go up you can just let them fly and (if you want) soak them in the colors of your home/favorite country. Or in the colors of your favorite soccer team (Not possible for Mönchen Gladbach. Not because it's impossible, but I can't support that). A small decoration that can also be used in larger forms as a monster-proof living space or for other purposes. If you do "/gamerule DoFireTick false" you can also use real fire without it spreading.


  1. Oh please 😉

    The idea is really well known, but not yet uploaded here, dear Reaper. And it may be that someone sees it here who does not know it yet. What good is a building idea if it hasn't been uploaded here, even if it is known? And the balloons I have built myself 😉

  2. Yep. Also, this site would be completely useless if every submission had to be completely unique to be accepted in the first place, because I'm sure 99% of the submissions here already exist in some form on the internet and then would be practically empty. Do as I do and see the ideas as inspiration for worlds in which the standard stuff has already been built and you don't know what else to build 😀

  3. @picasso22: I was about to say, don't be so hard on him, his building ideas are nice too, but then my expectations were thwarted 🙂

    And by the way, like real balloons, they also have holes on the top of the balloon, so that (in reality) the warm air can get out and new, freshly warmed up, has room to rise from below.