Iron Golem Farm

Complexity: simple
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Iron Golem Farm

This is an iron golem farm where iron golems spawn. It is suitable for Skyblock.

The iron farm is mainly for skyblock because only there you can get a villager-spawner. However, you can also pair the villagers to get the necessary 40 villagers together.


Build a hall out of wood. After that put a villager spawner. After that you have to put some doors in the middle. When there are 40 villagers in the hall, an iron golem will spawn. So you can get iron very cheap. ;-)


  1. then you need again a lore - so again iron. there you can use the iron for what you want to build from the iron of the iron golems !
    and if you want to spawn so many villagers in the village that an iron golem spawns you don't need this facility

  2. Hey guys I said it is especially suitable for skyblock. Only there you can get (buy/craft) a villager spawner. In any case, you can do this on cubecraft at skyblock. THIS MACHINE IS SUITABLE FOR THAT!

  3. @Warrior Cats Iron golems spawn from 21 doors and 10 villagers in the village, you can also just add them. I think there has to be a roof above the doors though, otherwise they don't count as a door for iron golems 🙂