Item sorting machine

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Item sorting machine

A redstone construction that can separate any number of different item types, such as products of a monster trap, inventory content, or different ores.

On one side of the machine the items are thrown in. These can come, for example, from a monster trap.
The items then flow along a channel, under which there are funnels. The funnels only take one type of item at a time. This is how the items are sorted.

Several sorting units built side by side with an item flow over them are then the complete apparatus:
At the top the items are thrown in, which with the help of the water get over the funnels and finally into the chests.
Due to the narrow space, there is a problem if too many items of the same kind are thrown in. This would make the redstone signal too strong and also open adjacent funnels. To avoid this problem, you can either connect a dropper with a small circuit, which ejects the items one by one, or you use another row of funnels instead of the water flow like on this picture:
Here the items are placed in the top right of the chest, from where they are transported through the funnels from right to left.

Now let's get to how it works:
(The item flow is missing on the picture)

The upper funnel on the picture is the "filter". This is filled as follows (here to sort out flares):
The items on the four right places are necessary to fill the funnel. As you can see, you can either use items there that can be stored as a stack of 16 at most (like eggs), or other items. The former saves resources on dummy items, since you only need 5 that way. With the other method you have to distribute 21 items, but you only need the item to be sorted out once.

The middle funnel faces the comparator. The comparator measures the fill level. If the level exceeds 2 of the items to be sorted out, the signal strength increases by 1, which deactivates the redstone flare and activates the lower funnel. This then sucks the items until the original state is reached again.

The back of the machine looks like this:
The last chest gets no filter, so that all items that are not sorted out can end up somewhere.


First, a row of Dirt is set up. On one side come Redstone flares, on the other side come Reapeter, aimed at the flares. Behind and at the repeaters, a row of Dirt is placed again. Both newly created dirt rows are covered with redstone.
On top of the dirt row with the torch another row is built, on which comparators are placed, which point to the redstone.
In front of the torches you place a row of dirt to place the chests at the right height. To be able to place the chests so compactly, you alternately place a normal chest and a Redstone chest.
On top of the torches come funnels directed at the chests. On top of these funnels are placed funnels pointing to the comparators. On top of the funnels, either a water flow is built, or a row of funnels, where each funnel points to the funnel following it. Sorting can be done from left to right and vice versa. At the beginning, a chest should be placed on the first funnel (of those at the top of the finished apparatus), in which the items are placed, and at the very back a collection chest for items that are not sorted out.

Finally, do not forget to fill each filter funnel (middle one in the finished apparatus) with eggs and filter object.
The machine breaks when you throw in the dummy item (eggs or sticks). Therefore, you should either not throw them in or sort them out at the first funnel, where the item to be sorted out is the same as the dummy item.


  1. the last screenshot is approximately from above
    shown is the variant of the machine without water flow, but the items run through the funnel,
    these are in a row so that one points into the other (flow direction), in my opinion this is much better and safer than the water method,

    what you can see from above: 1 row of redstone next to a row of dirt, on the dirt is redstone
    next to this row is a row of comparators pointing to the redstone, next to this is a row of funnels pointing to the comparators
    below this funnel (sorting funnel) is the (feeling funnel) which points to chests
    above the sorting funnels is the flow (water or funnel)
    for water i recommend a dispeser circuit so that not too much flows at the same time, otherwise your sorting funnels will overflow and lose their function (unrecoverable error in the redstone, due to the nature of the honeycomb layout (too narrow))

  2. Unless too many items get into the upper funnel at once, the comparator only has the second lowest level, i.e. a signal strength of 2, and that doesn't reach the neighbouring funnels.

  3. Have built your construction 1 to 1 in SinglePlayer AND on a server... Each with water and funnel flow... Sorting he still does 0 :/ (1.7.9) Can you maybe make a YouTube video!? Would not only help me significantly 😉
    EDIT: You are also welcome to upload a map with the construction so that one can see the functionality behind it 🙂
    EDIT2: Had overlooked a small thing^^ Too bad that you can only sort 1 item at a time... Would like to sort coal blocks / coal pieces at the same time... (without that I now space-guzzling funnel systems build^^) then I still continue to sort by hand^^ nevertheless good idea (y)

  4. For example, if you want to sort out coal blocks and coal pieces at the same time, you only have to sort out both next to each other and instead of building a separate chest for both sorters, you simply place a double chest. Alternatively, instead of one chest, you can also place another funnel, which transports the items into the adjacent chest.

  5. Shields are stackable up to 16x like eggs, meaning they require different filter settings than 64x items.
    try a shield and each slot with only one egg
    if this doesn't work you need another dummy object for the signs and have to fiddle around with the filter
    (Be careful when choosing the dummy object, it should be filtered out of the system beforehand)

    the only items that cannot be sorted are those that cannot be stacked

  6. With me were activated with double dropper always times several boxes and emptied, I prevent that now by sorting from the water flow once to the right and once to the left (always alternately), so no signals come together and everything works much better. I think you could even omit the dropper then, are with me for the automatic lorry discharge but necessary in the system 😉

  7. Once read through and AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! (amazed) already enlightenment comes. (in the brain and not in the form of a light bulb).

    PS: Dirk, your profile picture probably represents yourself 🙂 .

    (Just a joke on the side because the picture looks stupid)