Jump / Elevator

Complexity: simple
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Jump / Elevator

A simple elevator that flings you up 5 blocks using a slime block.


Hi, the original idea is not mine, someone told me he saw something like this on youtube.

So I thought, cool, try to build it myself.
So the implementation is completely mine (I didn't watch a video for this).
As for the construction, it is relatively simple and can be easily accommodated indoors.
The obsidian around the slime block is necessary because otherwise the slime block would carry away all other blocks in its immediate vicinity.

I have built two variants:


The first variant is very simple and small, you are thrown upwards and the piston closes under you for 1.5 seconds, enough time to step aside.

With the second variant it is exactly the other way round, there the piston opens only for one second, while one is flung through. After that it closes again.
Note the stone knob, with a wooden knob the plunger would stay open half a second too long.


  1. @Karl31a You can also take extended pistons. It fits so super to a simple wooden floor. I link here times a video of skate702 , which explains this very well 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_xLL1yQnlw&list