Gumball machine

Complexity: simple
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Gumball machine

You can see a small chewing gum machine, which can be used for decorative purposes.


First, a base is built from an ender portal frame and an ender eye.

Now the glass ball is built from a beacon. You can also take a glass block to build a gumball machine.

A daylight sensor is used for the roof.

Now details are added with stone buttons.

Finally, the output door is built with a frame and a stone step.


  1. Good implementation, good design, no use(except decoration.)
    5/5 Implementation 4/5 Design 1/5 Benefit
    That gives a 2 from me! xD Okey, maybe I should not do that anymore.

  2. @0815julian Yeah, sorry... xD But you should when you make a rating scale like that make it generic. Not adapt it for every kind of idea, you can do it that way, but you don't have to.
    @Dan Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. @Galileo156
    You can already do so with your evaluation, but the benefit of a decoration is that it is decorative. A decoration should not have any other use. But the difference between design and implementation is not quite clear to me. I would therefore rather evaluate in
    -Innovative (how good is the idea in general)
    -implementation (how well was the own idea implemented)
    -Benefit/Effectiveness (how useful depends on what the benefit is supposed to be).

  4. Cool, fits perfectly on a house in the city. Maybe you could use some redstone, so that the vending machine spits something gum-like (like a snowball) when you press a button. Like from me.