Complexity: simple
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This wardrobe is usable and has two doors. It is also quite space-saving. This variant contains two armor racks for a maximum of 8 pieces of clothing, i.e. two for each variety.

Also suitable wardrobe for storage of pumpkins.


First build the picture! Now place the armor stands!
Decide on a type of door and place it in the small gap in front of the armor stand on the same block!

Attention: If you remove the armor stand you have to reset the door!
Not suitable for use in creative mode.


  1. @Goldfarm: Unfortunately, in Minecraft, it is not possible to take clothes from the armor rack in creative mode without destroying it. You can, however, build and set up the wardrobe in creative mode so that you can use it as decoration or in adventure or survival mode.

  2. @Nahla_Bun: Haha, with Playstation you have the 1.6.4.. I doubt there will ever be 1.8 on playstation. @ZombieHead: If someone wants to put the armor stand back up after that, they can use that in creative too, yes.

  3. with the design you can build wall cabinets well 😉
    Have realized in the Creative so hidden niches in a roof slope to hide workbench and such