Complexity: simple
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A lock, so that one can also cope with differences in altitude with boats.

1. boat retracts below            
2. lower gate is closed 
3. raising the water level in the lock chamber
4. upper gate is opened

Also works in the other direction, i.e. the throwers can also reduce the water level.


Sluice gates are installed on the right and left or in front of and behind the launchers by means of pistons. These can be opened and closed by various redstone lines. Another line triggers the throwers, which then either increase or decrease the level.


  1. Thank you. 
    No, the levers and the button are not within his reach here, but the position is flexible. Without the glass panes you should be able to operate everything from the boat.

  2. Even if with the next update in PE also pistons are to come it does not go there because boats in 2 block wide waterways can not enter (had yesterday already tried to build it into another project when the pistons are finally available in PE)

    In my 360 world I build it in soon though, have a height difference from my port on the river to the sea to overcome 😉