Luxury ship MS New York

Complexity: simple
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Luxury ship MS New York

A big ship that fits well in a harbour near a big city/older town.

The five chimneys run only the rearmost three, the front two are only for show so that the overall picture is rounded off a bit. At the very back you can see a loading crane that is loading and unloading gravel. There is also a small pool and a deck where you can enjoy the atmosphere in the evening.


First you build the base directly on the water, it must then have a small gap between clayblock and water. When you have done that you can raise the walls and set the entrance. If it is too small, you can still add individual things or rooms. Finally, you can install the interior and delimit the rooms. That means building cabins, restaurant, reception and so on. I used yellow, red and black clayblocks and quartzblocks. You can of course also use other blocks that is entirely up to you.


  1. @Toxicturtle05

    if you encounter problems with your new boat, like for example the front part, then take examples on the internet and try to optimize until you are completely satisfied with yourself.

  2. @Toxicturtle05 This is meant as a good suggestion, I personally build larger buildings on a test map before, some say that costs everything too much time. But so you can weed out gross errors. Also you can see if you have chosen the right proportions, which is also important if you have an even or odd number of blocks. Odd are always better, because you always have a middle as a block.