Luxury stone villa

Complexity: simple
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Luxury stone villa

A villa with a lot of use of space.

Here you can see a simple and cozy building. there are more Screent so from the side entrance and from inside this I can not upload at the moment but because it somehow does not work. I will try to upload them further AND put them here.

The rooms are large and cozy 🙂

Achja and Sry because of the rain but I can not make new pictures because I have the world unfortunately no longer T.T


"Fountain in front of the house"-
Side entrance:-

Inside by the side entrance:-

Living room:--
"Hallway" a little bit: -


  1. The rain makes the building and also the hedges look more real. It is a pity that there are no interior pictures, however, it already looks quite nice from the outside.

    Worth a positive review for me.

  2. Nice I have rebuilt the mansion, but with not so much glass and made of sandstone. Since Minecraft but works at the moment, I can unfortunately make no screens.

  3. Zombie each what he likes =) I like it as it is there in the pictures. others like it tight and so ^^
    Thanks for your review.

    Bigsmile mine is but what special =P that is from me =D