Mailbox with display

Complexity: simple
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Mailbox with display

This is a mailbox that is connected to a light that illuminates when something is in the mailbox.

The following is required:

  • Redstone Chest
  • Redstone Compensator
  • Redstone repeater
  • Redstone
  • Redstone lamp
  • Blocks of your choice

You set up a redstone chest, place a comparator behind it, then a repeater (both facing "away from the chest"), and place a redstone line to the redstone lamp set up two blocks away from the chest.

Unfortunately, you can't put the chest and the lamp directly on top of each other, because the lamp lights up when you open the chest, but not when there is something inside.

You can use blocks of your choice for the trappings.


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  2. Improvement:
    On the mailbox a funnel and on top again a chest. So everything is "hidden" when you open the mailbox above to throw something in. My son and I did this in our 360 world.