Wall of wooden doors

Complexity: simple
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Wall of wooden doors

A wall of wooden doors up to six blocks high. This wall is not suitable for every place, but for a small medieval village it fits and is decorative.

First, set a row of these spruce doors. At the top edge then comes a half block, on which, in turn, is placed a second row of doors. This second row is oriented the other way around, so that from the "outside" the wall becomes relatively flat. From the inside, you could make a battlement this way. However, I decided on a small roof above the second door.
To loosen up the whole thing a bit, I chose the wall elements 6-10 blocks wide and delimited them with pillars.


The trick is half a block on the top edge of the bottom door. on the half block then the top door.

There are still a lot of details that have remained open so far. For example, you don't want zombies to tear down the doors in hard mode. There is a solution for that, too. Everything worth knowing can be found in the video.


  1. @Karl31a Haha right. But anything with only artificial intelligence has held it off well so far! And it's also debatable whether a stone wall offers more protection when I whip out my diamond pick. ^^

  2. @WarriorCats 1: So in normal Survival the 100% offers protection. Zombies don't tear down the doors with the trick in the video. No mobs can get through the barrier. How much protection do you need? and 2: would be happy if you have a nicer wall to offer than mine.