Medieval cathedral

Complexity: simple
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Medieval cathedral

Cathedral inspired by Vienna's St. Stephen's Cathedral and Votivkirche.

For the cathedral I was inspired by the Viennese St. Stephen's Cathedral and the Votivkirche. As construction time I estimate 180-220 hours, whereby the interior is not yet completed.

Tower height: 134 blocks
Roof height: 52 blocks
Footprint approx: 7900 blocks
For complete construction needed : ca 85000 blocks





  1. Glad you like it 🙂 
    Have this started a year ago in survival mode .
    After building the main tower I switched to creative mode due to lack of time or clay blocks. 
    Will evtl soon a sketch with dimensions still upload if someone wants to rebuild it. With a sketch I think it should be possible to build in under 100 hours. 


  2. @morpheus
    I like it extremely well and I am just about to rebuild it already only I can't see any real measurements on the picture 🙂
    so a sketch would be really nice

    here just now the shell 😀

  3. @thePvPler-learns-to-build 
    Perfect it is not. Must acknowledge without envy that there are better built cathedrals in Minecraft.
    I always find details that could have been better implemented or I would still like to improve.
    But I'm glad you like it so much. 

  4. @fernando 
    The sketch is included with the pictures. But it is difficult to rebuild the cathedral on the basis of the sketch and the pictures.
    To rebuild it exactly like this I would have to make several new sketches. Maybe I can motivate myself in the near future.

  5. Hello!
    The structure is brilliant, but I miss the view of the building on the left. I assume this is the front entrance. You can't see that side. Can you repost this or send it to me please? Would be great. Thanks!

  6. @KnuddelWolfi
    The entrance is built at the main tower. If one takes it exactly it should be so that if one enters the cathedral in the direction of the east or looks to the sunrise. All churches and cathedrals were built that way. But in Minecraft you can also make an exception 😉
    Am still until tomorrow on ski vacation 8-). Will this weekend then upload a picture of the main tower side. Possibly I will also make several or better sketches. Do you plan to rebuild the cathedral or are just about to ?

  7. Yes, I wanted to rebuild the cathedral but without a more accurate sketch and dimensions isses hard to build the outline already. Would be cool if you could do that.
    when she's done i'll blow up a picture and show you 🙂 .
    thank you in advance.

  8. Now that's what I call a successful implementation of an idea. 
    I have also started to build a cathedral several times, but each time I failed or gave up, because the project just didn't want to succeed. 
    Would be totally cool if you could send me a sketch of the cathedral 🙂 .

  9. Thank you 🙂

    If I had a better sketch I'd send it to you.
    Have that only with pencil and squared sheet pre-drawn so that the proportions fit.