Medieval house

Complexity: simple
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Medieval house

A relatively quick to build medieval house.

Hey, I've sat down and built a Mittelaterliches house that is not too big but also not too small which you can actually build relatively quickly. here is a link in which I build in a speed build this house once :
A more detailed tutorial will follow 🙂 .
Hope you like it 🙂


  1. thebigsmilexD i found this site to look for decorating ideas and then put up a post i have never seen these houses ( of course i cant prove it ) but what i could tell you is most medieval houses look relatively the same but people who only build with cobble and dirt dont know that so stop your stupid comments 🙂

  2. Stupid comments.. That would be on my server or my side a clear insult and -> ban.
    Your timelapse on the side was fine, even if I don't like shaders xD
    And also, you had a Like, so get over yourself!

  3. @kevin12323

    Enough with the medieval houses. If you haven't found one, then please explain this to me:
    1. if you select "building/complete room" in the search settings, you will already find quite a few house-like things, including some medieval houses.
    2. if you search under "house" you will find about 3 other such houses
    3. if you search under "Middle Ages", you will find about the same number of houses.

    In general, please stop uploading similar houses all the time! One medieval house would have been enough, why do you need so many ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!

    Besides, the house is nothing special.

  4. Kevin, I don't think you have that much to say here. You are a member, but 1. not long to know everything here and swing a big tube and besides there are enough medieval houses that look about the same. I'm not saying I've been here forever, however, members are clearly fed up with these houses and
    of villas.

  5. i find this insulting Picasso22 -.- . i like the medieval style and have to say that medieval houses ALWAYS look similar. but better the same all the time than always these block buildings

  6. Hey you guys, I think it's fair to criticize the house, because it looks really good and it's perfect for a city built house.
    Plot and not quite as complicated as all the fat houses that usually come out when you search for medieval houses. And I think that Kevin can do nothing for the many medieval houses. So please, all of you, take out your frustration about these masses of medieval houses somewhere else.

  7. @ThebigsmileXD
    Well, the 2 words stupid remark were rather self-defense and if you get a ban for it on your server I want to play there nd on it