Medieval house with beautiful roof

Complexity: simple
<h1 class=Medieval house with beautiful roof"/>

Medieval house with beautiful roof

A friend of mine built this Beautiful house in medieval style 🙂 .


    • Only upload pictures that you have taken yourself!
    • Do not edit the image in any way: Don't crop it, don't add text, and don't use no filters.
    • Do not photograph the screen with a camera, because the quality is then very poor. Unfortunately, you can not make screenshots on the consoles or only bad. You can then unfortunately not send your building idea.
    • Choose a good perspective so that you can easily see the idea at hand.
    • Do not use a texture pack, so that all submissions look consistent and you can better imagine how it will look when you rebuild it.
    • Hide the annoying overlays (DeepL access bar, crosshairs, etc.) (on the computer with "F1" (on the laptop possibly also Fn+F1) and in the Pocket Edition in the options).

    But who reads them.

  1. I like the house very much can your friend praise 😉

    @picasso22 No texture pack was used but a shader. These should be omitted if possible in the title image but they are not forbidden in principle. 

  2. @Sor4 That shaders are not forbidden is true (although there is a objective rating would be easier if everyone uploaded their cover image with the same standards), but here was clearly used a resource pack, am just too lazy to google which one!

  3. So, then actually your friend would get the praise, but I write it to you times ;D But actually one should yes no texture pack or resource pack use whether shaders are now so completely I would leave him out, if it was your picture. But since it's your friend's, you're allowed to use it... do not upload. Well, but it's quite nice... 😉