Mediterranean scrub

Complexity: simple
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Mediterranean scrub

A little tip on how to make good looking vegetation for Mediterranean style islands/buildings using the "WorldEdit" plugin.


To quickly conjure up a macchia, you only need to perform a few commands and clicks with World Edit:
  • Three Treebrushes with junglesmall,tallredwood,junglebush
  • Possibly also the /forestgen Use command
  • Vary the distribution of the individual trees slightly to make the vegetation look extra realistic
  • In the case of vacant grass areas, plant grass and flowers with bonemeal
  • In order to conjure up a turquoise sky and scraggy grass that is still beautiful in Vanilla, the command //setbiome desert executed and then reconnected
  • Make yourself with //brush cyl sand 5 -15 a small beach and enjoy your virtual holiday at the Mediterranean Sea!


  1. Yeah, um, well... Not really a big deal.Dislike: for the reason that there might be a lot of people who don't have WorldEdit.I have WorldEdit, but what am I supposed to do with it?xD