Melon slicer

Complexity: simple
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Melon slicer

When one of the buttons is pressed, the plunger extends and the iron grid (here: blade) cuts the melons.

The melon grows right back.


  1. I typed melon into the search. There came nothing! It's not the same for me though! Sorry if you see this as stolen. Your idea is good too!

  2. @Picasso22 that is not a bit "stolen" those are 2 completely different things.
    you posted a goddamn clock and he just posted cool deco that made effective sense =)

    already rebuilt in 14 of my kitchens ^^

  3. You could also screw behind the buttons still repeater and nen Com-Block, then it goes faster with the harvest! So I've built me in my world at the spawn:
    The machinery is there with the repeaters to delay the lever signal; so you don't replace the grids, you have to turn off the lever immediately:

  4. But I have a question: how do you get the newly grown melon to the front? Both when harvesting and with a plunger you get melon slices (and these are not enough for a melon I think).
    The idea I find in any case times fully cool, I build the "cutter" in my melon and pumpkin farms to harvest 😉