Minecart storage system

Complexity: simple
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Minecart storage system

A warehouse with 5 minecarts where you can pick up a specific minecart and send it back to its place in the warehouse.


The first step is to build 5 buttons with a 2-wire circuit.
Error in the screenshot: The lower cable must also be on the left on the last block.

Then to each of the two cables comes a part that shortens the signal length so that there are no double activations.

Behind these comes a repeater with maximum delay.
Now the cables lead to a total of 5 and-gates. While one cable is delayed directly at the buttons, the other is delayed after each and-gate.

The and-gates activate normal pistons that move a redstone block, activating a conduit that activates the power rail under the minecart.

Also activated by the redstone block is a line that sets the rails so that the track does not travel to the wrong place. Repeaters, after the track is extended, move the tracks in front of its storage place in the other direction, so that the track goes through to its place when it comes back.

Here it can lead to 2 Problems come.
1. the time intervals are set incorrectly. In this case you just have to try around until it fits.
2. the points are aligned differently. Turnouts are not always aligned the same way, which can cause problems with this stock. If your rails are aligned the other way, the signal must set the points before moving out and must be switched off when moving back.

If this works, the next line comes in, which sends the minecarts back and returns the whole system to its original state. It once triggers the power rail that the currently out minecart is on, which causes it to lead back. It also activates pistons that push the redstone blocks at the and-gates back to their original positions, disabling all the lines again.

If all delays are set correctly, the bearing is now functional.
However, there is still a backup coming, so that several Minecarts cannot be ordered at once by mistake.
For this purpose, a piston is attached to one cable of the 2-cable line, which blocks one of the two cables until the current Minecart is returned.

Now the storage system is completely finished.

Important: There are often timing problems caused by incorrect delays. If nothing happens when you order a Minecart, it is due to the 2-cable circuit. If the Minecart does not arrive or lands on the wrong position, the switches are not set correctly.


  1. Hy cool machine but make a DMS aka Digital Minecart system much more compact and better if less space. go on youtube and enter DMS then you have it much fun.