Various hipster doors

Complexity: simple
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Various hipster doors

Hipster doors are those where no redstone is visible and the door is also completely invisible.

These different doors are great for hidden entrances, which also look very stylish because no redstone (except for the side of pistons) is visible.


Some Redstone tricks in advance:
For invisible redstone lines, these tricks will help:
From left to right:
  1. Redstone flares relay a signal up through a block.
  2. Repeaters pass the signal laterally through a block.
  3. Redstone passes a signal down one block.
  4. Redstone lamps on Redstone flares relay a signal diagonally upward.
2x2 piston door
This door works by two sticky pistons with blocks first retracting and then being pulled aside by other sticky pistons.
The pistons in the middle are bepowert once with the above trick 1 and trick 3, the side pistons are driven by trick 4. You just have to make sure that the pistons that pull the rest to the side have a certain delay, otherwise the center pistons won't have time to retract.

3x1 piston door
This is based on the same principle as the 2x2 piston door.
To power the middle pistons, I use trick 1 again for the lowest and the other two the trick with the repeater (2). For the three pistons on the side I use trick 4.

2x2 Double-sided piston door:
This is also the door in the main picture. Basically it's actually a 2x2 door with a second one against it.
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  1. hey! really a like, although I already knew that. very nicely explained and well illustrated! But one request I would have: could you vlt still the piston door that comes out of the ground, so a hole what arises in the ground to introduce? that is namely also possible with your principle!