Modern family and fun pool

Complexity: simple
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Modern family and fun pool

A swimming pool in the sky.

After a comfortable journey by train you arrive at the Badeigen train station. -
After paying at the cash desk - we're headed for the locker room.
I have individual and collective changing rooms, each separated between men and women.
On to the showers.
From there you enter the large swimming hall with five pools -a water slide, diving towers, two restaurants -a sauna -two kiosks, starting blocks, a waterfall and several sunbeds.
Further down the stairs to a forum -Events or conferences can be held there.
You enter the rainy season area through a door because water is dripping from above 🙂 .
There is the ice skating rink and figure skating rink - as well as the arrival area of the waterfall and a children's pool decorated with cake -.


I only explain some technical aspects, you can build the building and the pools as you like.

The water slide:
First of all, you need a staircase to get up there at all. There is a separate room for the technology. Two pistons and two levers open and close the entrance. The water comes out of a small chamber. I tried to build a dark area in some places, which is harder than it looks.
At the lower end the exit can also be closed with pistons and levers, so that you can lock the slide.

The waterfall:
At the entrance again levers and pistons are installed, which let open and close the waterfall.
The shaft runs through the whole building. I didn't build my own stairs, because I used the stairs of the water slide.From a small pool above the entrance the water flows into the shaft, you just have to jump. At the bottom the water runs out in a wide shaft and you can stand up and leave the pool. This shaft can also be closed.

The sauna: It's actually just lava behind glass. I built another fire protection device: There's a wall behind it with water in it. If you pull a lever, pistons open this wall and can extinguish the fire. Attention: Also build the floor and the ceiling out of non-flammable material, a sauna burnt down on me once!

That's all the tech I've actually installed, if you have any questions post it in the comments.


  1. Personally, I don't like the choice of material. A swimming pool made of this wood I find strange. And everywhere Glowstone, where I'm not exactly the huge fan of now.
    But overall, it's definitely a very good idea. A huge swimming pool, and then also in the sky. With a lot of attention to important details like access, changing rooms, restaurant ect. it definitely deserves a good rating.

  2. Thanks, in retrospect wood was not a good idea (e.g. because of the sauna). But back when I built it, I really liked wood. And Glowstones I put in because of the light, I don't find torches that modern 🙂 .