Modern house with garage

Complexity: simple
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Modern house with garage

A beautiful modern house with garage.

A slightly more complicated modern house with garage and vegetable patch.

From the side(you can also see a small vegetable patch):
Ground floor:
First floor:


Buildable in both survival and creative mode, but you'd probably have to use a different material than quartz for the survival mode, and one of the new block types from 1.8 would be best.


  1. Enough with the "modern houses" they are boring. And your stupid channel advertising also annoying. If you would see the houses there at least but so it's just cheap advertising for a crappy Minecraft channel.

  2. old picasso which stork bit you in the sack ?

    there are many houses uploaded because there are many types of houses and if he sees it as modenr it is modern for him. yes the channel advertising does not necessarily have to be but that goes bissl more friendly kolege.

    The house is well not my case.

  3. The house is okay, but I find all the heads ugly.
    But must also admit that the channel advertising is annoying, especially since you do not even show the houses.


  4. The garage is perhaps a bit large and there you could have put something in, but otherwise it is a beautiful house for friends of modern construction. Especially the many and large windows meet my taste very well.

    But here's a little question that maybe someone here can answer for me. What are "Häser"?