Modern pool in creeper look

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Complexity: simple
<h1 class=Modern pool in creeper look"/>

Modern pool in creeper look

Medium sized pool with creeper lighting.

Hihi, please don't pay attention to the squids, they sneaked into the picture 😀
This pool was built with everything quartz gives + sea lanterns u. Glowstone 😉
I think with wood, stone and other building materials he would also look very good. If you have fun then build it but just times in your style and upload a picture of it here. Would be happy 😉 your Mary

And here again in my TP <3


  1. @Karl31a can build it smaller, is a BauIDEE and not a MUSS ... so ... and greeper face in original size? how should I imagine that please (especially since that is also a >Mittelgroßer pool<.