Modern Twin-Setter Tower

Complexity: simple
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Modern Twin-Setter Tower

Two large and imposing towers connected by a bridge where you can walk through and a beautiful front garden with fountain and parking.

They do well in a modern city.
Each room is a luxurious suite with refrigerator, room service, panoramic windows, kitchen, oven, luxury furniture, pay TV connection, 2 bathrooms etc.

The functions of the refrigerator can be activated with Redstone...
There are generally a lot of little details that are redstone.
They are a very very nice decoration for cities.


You build everything as it is there.

Screenshots and many detailed descriptions will follow shortly.

You can make your own TP in which the glass is transparent.
I named the towers after the 2 Eurofighters.


  1. Sorry, but I have my world with this building unfortunately long ago außehen deleted, so I have unfortunately also no longer the possibility to upload new screenshots.
    But thank you for your so nice comments!
    You are really great people thanks a lot guys!

  2. @-starviper-85 Not without more screenshots. This is really great but you should really explain this better than "you build it as is". You don't get my Like although the idea is totally great. Please don't take it personally but there should be more details.

  3. The building is good, no question. However, since here is apparently only a downloaded image of a stolen idea and a fictional story around it (rebuild the structure and indicate idea inventor would have been ok), I can not give a Like. (Just so: It is also called Twin-Seatler and not Twin-Settler...)