Modern subway

Complexity: simple
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Modern subway

A modern subway station with a colorful ceiling, seating, information, and an indicator that lights up when a train pulls in.

The ceiling of my subway station is alternately colored clay and higher Glowstones.

The seating is brown glass with a brown rug on top.

The two Redstone lamps indicate when a train arrives. To do this, I installed a switch with sensor rails in the tunnel in front of the station and then connected them to the lamps using a Redstone circuit. The switch is necessary in that the sensor rail does not trigger when the train is going in another direction, i.e. has just left the station. The second sensor rail is connected to a redstone lamp in the next station, which also works like this one. -

My station also has a second track that is accessible via a connecting walkway.
There you can also see the Redstone lamps again. I used two separate lamps there, which indicate the direction of the next train.



Actually, everything should be explained so far, if you have questions please just in the comments. :)


  1. Cool idea, but Glowstone is just totally ugly in the default TP (my and many others opinion), so
    you might be able to replace that with Sea Lanterns or Redstone lamps, it'll look better.