Modern bus stop

Complexity: simple
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Modern bus stop

Decorate your city with this modern bus stop.



The map on the wall you can hang with Einem frame. :)

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    • KmunHD, I can't believe it, you have something to gripe about almost every ˋinvention' or whatever these things are called, why? Here are just a few examples;

      This way is not a way of reality.
      The rails are completely out of place here, as a "Gravel - Grass - Podzol - Dirt - Cobble - Wood" path would have been better. So there I would even give a normal path a like.
      [b]-1]/b] (,
      I hate these people who upload useless ideas just to get likes.
      This is simply one of the most unnecessary ideas "ever".
      One, why rename Villager? You kill them before most of the time.
      2. you can do that with any mob
      Three. Everybody feels like they know
      4. spawn eggs do not exist in Survival
      5. name tags can also be used, and these also exist in Survival (Dungeons)
      This deserves a fat -1, but since Bold can't be used here there's just this from me:
      -1 (, Oh God, 3 years later I'm looking for a cash register building idea. Oh! There's a cash register.
      FROM ME. (, Fie... (, Shaders are, stands white on black, forbidden.
      Dislike.(, Whether a factory would have as a roof only glass and wood? I thought small 2×2 windows and otherwise steel or iron (, i only see clap together or mix of few blocks that looks stupid (, No sawmill but a saw that saws the tree trunk a little funny. Actually, the tree trunks should not be sawn in the middle, but in smaller pieces. (
      Yes, some criticisms are justified, but why so many? If someone wants to make small windows or a roof out of glass and thinks it looks so nice, you deliver a critique. If it says I ONLY want to post, this is my first experience, your first response is: this looks sh****, you're a däm**** idiot. Please, stop it, some have already complained about it, now me too. Some will take me for something, but see for yourself, I have linked in parentheses only a fraction of his negative responses.