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The accommodation of fellow believers in the church.


Outside the monastery there is a garden and a place of sacrifice only for the friars.
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In the inside area there are several rooms, there we would have times the monastery library and 
the monks' quarters,
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the Refectory (dining room) and the kitchen belonging to it
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And then we would only have the Prayer Room, the Temporary Confession Room, and the Public Offering Hall.
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The church belonging to it is still under construction and in the course of time other rooms may be added to the monastery. 


  1. Awesome!
    In my opinion, one of the 10 best ideas on this site, because even after a thorough search, I can't find anything here that I don't like! ^^
    With good ideas and a lot of attention to detail, would love to press the little green face more often, if only it would do some good 😀

  2. Tet1996 
    you are the best honest 
    from the outside the monastery looks BomBe and I thought it can't get any better 

    but I was wrong 

    the interior design exceeds my expectations considerably 

    the interior furnishing is simply the best and always love full to the detai

    you get a FAT LIKE 

  3. Looks really good but I think in survival rebuild will be difficult when I see the emerald blocks there and the quarzsäulen then becomes orgecht

  4. Really good, but the supports at the bottom right of the monastery look really strange :unsure:
    Could have taken there to finish steps and not all the way to the bottom, but otherwise really good 😀

  5. The idea may not be special, but the implementation definitely is! The monastery fits perfectly into the landscape, which impresses me the most.
    I would love to recreate it, however I'm not quite confident there yet :angel:
    How long did it take you to do that 🙂 .