Complexity: simple
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It is mostly used to start up a "Cowelstone Generator".


So, you take 6 stone blocks, a sticky piston, a redstone flare or switch, and redstone.

First you take 3 stone blocks and place them like this: -

Then you take a sticky piston and a stone block and place them like this: -

You place the 2 missing stone blocks like this: -

Now for the redstone circuit: take a red.flare or a switch and redstone.

Place the redstone torch on the 3rd stone block upwards: -

Then the Redstone: -

When the stone is on the sticky piston, the motor will work.

P.S. You can also install Redstone amplifiers

Attention: If you have too many of them you can get laggs in the game.


  1. You don't just know that, you don't need that. Especially not those who play without sound.
    And it doesn't exactly sound like an engine. For that you need if already a resource pack.

  2. He said that you need a resource pack if you want to make this "engine" sound like a real engine. And you don't need an engine if you want to build a cobbelstone generator....
    And to be honest, if you want to build with Redstone and you don't know this kind of clock, you lack the whole basic knowledge, the Redstone basics.

  3. my brother with 8 years has already built such a thing and alone without help auserdem it seems cooler, if you build the Clok not in the engine itself, but behind it

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