Nasty player trap

Complexity: simple
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Nasty player trap

If the player approaches the diamond block, maybe takes it down, he can't get away because a command prevents him from doing so.


You can see everything in the picture: You need a commandblock with the command /tp @a (Here the coordinates from the diablock)[r=10]. With this command all players in a radius of 10 blocks are ported to the coordinates. Next to it a clock (repeaterclock; hopperclock or pistonclock). So that the player cannot destroy the machine, it lies in the ground (radius means here in all directions).
ProblemsThe repeater clock could bug and stop, the piston motor makes noises, only the hopper clock is quite problem-free. But you can also redeem a Creeper ;)
And the player could teleport to someone else, or still find the clock or command block in the ground and destroy/change it.
The basic idea is from SparkofPhoenix, but I changed it (e.g. that you could hide it in the ground) =
An avid Minecrafter who doesn't shy away from redstone and command blocks or decorating ideas.


  1. Boring. And the world is not broken either. You just make command blocks out and that's it. If you publish something like that then please find out before you write such nonsense as Spark in his video verzapft there.
    And it's crap anyway because you don't need it in SP and you don't get a commandblock in MP if you're not admin.