Opening hours

Complexity: simple
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Opening hours

With this circuit, which can hardly be surpassed in primitiveness, you can introduce opening hours. The door closes when it is dark. E.g. for a park, a public building, its garden, etc.


Daylight sensor on door, done! If you still want to be able to go out after dark, you can also put a pressure plate on one side of the door.


  1. the idea is really cool but does that also work if I make a block on the sensor or do I have to leave one free? would glass be a solution? like redstone?

  2. One could also improve the whole thing by a further distance from sensor to door.
    Or you could convert it by an inverted sensor e.g. into a disco door which opens only at night.

    But otherwise well built. Line.

  3. The only problem is that the light level has 15 gradations. And with direct contact of sensor and target, it really only goes on when it's the middle of the night. If the night is still young or already old, it still goes on.