Old watchtower

Complexity: simple
<h1 class=Old watchtower"/>

Old watchtower

Tower for observing the surroundings.

Ps: In the resource pack Sphax PureBDcraft the tower looks better.
- The tower again from the inside.


  1. @thebigsmileXD:
    1. your comments are mostly unnecessary.
    2. if you think it's poop, upload a better version or post a picture here in the commis, and do it the way you envision it.
    3. this is only a suggestion, which one does not have to call garbage immediately
    4. I'm sure there are people who like this idea.

  2. Let's face it...
    He stole that from Tarrokk!
    In another picture you can also see the "Medieval Villa" of Tarrokk and the "Medieval Manor House" of Tarrokk.
    So I don't think it's okay that he just stole it without maybe asking him in the commis if he's allowed to publish pictures of it. He has not even described a source. I personally have these things also built on my PRIVATE medieval server but just upload pictures of it without asking or permission I find not so cool!

  3. Look at the buildings in the background and then the tower....
    Do you guys notice any "level" difference there?
    So I don't want to say now that the stuff in the background looks bad but you notice something....