Fireplace that can be switched on and off

Complexity: simple
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Fireplace that can be switched on and off

A fireplace that you can turn on and off.

If you press a button at the top, the Netherrack is lit by a lighter and if you press a button at the bottom, a piston pushes the wall forward which smothers the fire again.
The inner workings of the fireplace:
I also have a 2nd version in stock. with this there is always only one button to turn on the fire and turn off the fire.


Since I'm too lazy to explain the Redstone thing (and everyone has probably figured it out by now) I'll add my YouTube tutorial:

Here still in video to the fireplace with a total of only 2 knobs:


  1. Since I like the idea of just one button, I dabbled around a bit....
    Hope you can see enough in the screenshot.
    The signal splits, goes through the earth block to the pistons in the chimney, and then shifts the earth block so that a second signal goes the second way, triggers the launchers, and shifts the earth block back again.
    The repeaters should all be set to the maximum level, otherwise overlapping may occur.