Dear Community,

Finally - Germany's biggest building ideas site has a new design. After months of hard work, the moment has come when we can present you a beautiful design. Also some bugs should be fixed.

At this point I would like to draw your attention directly to several things:

  1. The Statistics Page
  2. NEW: Jobs - Become a part of
  3. NEW: YouTube channel - Subscribe to our YouTube channel for cool building ideas and redstone creations

Now for you: Please test all features and give feedback (also on the design - how do you like it?) in the comments.

IMPORTANT: If you can't log in, request a new password. You can here (*click*) do. If it still does not work, please send an email to

Promptly - Admin


  1. Could you please restore the images from the underground catheter entry. THERE always comes an error message. THANKS!

  2. Hello Promptly unfortunately my ideas were not Übernommen with also one can click with the ideas the pictures, also the button is missing for uploading the pictures when creating an idea.
    LG blank

      • Hi Promtly Unfortunately nothing shows up under My Ideas, also you need to explain to me how mann can upload images when creating an idea. and When viewing images a window goes to Images not found.
        LG blank

      • Hello Felix had times desire to load up again something but unfortunately Made me your Web page a stroke by the calculation the maximum size for images to upload is unfortunately limited to 2 MB, unfortunately my images have a size of 2100.00 MB so they are to 99% not Hochladbar, do you have an idea?
        And please make the window for messages moveable bar unfortunately you can not press the button to send!

  3. With me also something seems to be funny. Have tried to edit my weird windmill, because the text was formatted funny and then my idea has been put on submitted, means you can not find the more. Really something strange that it is then checked again.

    LG Chrissel

  4. Password is not sent, tried the day before yesterday with username, yesterday with email address. But so far no new password came and the old went after the move no longer.

  5. Must say, the new design is really great!
    Only, I find it a bit of a shame that to rate an idea you have to click on it.
    It was a little easier back then...
    But like I said, the design is just awesome!