Overworld Goldfarm Fully/Semi-automatic (AfK-/XP-Mode) | On/Off switchable

Complexity: simple
<h1 class=Overworld Goldfarm Fully/Semi-automatic (AfK-/XP-Mode) | On/Off switchable"/>

Overworld Goldfarm Fully/Semi-automatic (AfK-/XP-Mode) | On/Off switchable

This gold farm allows you to fully automate gold production or semi-automatic XP and gold collection in your Minecraft overworld, and can also be fully activated and deactivated!

With this gold farm you can farm gold directly in your overworld for e.g. drive rails, gold apples/carrots or beacons. This can be done fully automatically, quasi "on the side", or semi-automatically, whereby the semi-automatic variant also serves as an XP farm and, depending on the looting enchantment on the sword, also brings higher yields.

This farm is based on the spawn behavior of pig zombies (ZombiePigmen). These are the only infinite gold source available in Minecraft and spawn in activated nether portals. In order to achieve the highest possible spawn rate and to use the obsidian as effectively as possible, the largest possible portals should be used (up to 21×21 blocks large portals with 23×23 blocks obsidian frame possible!).

Goldfarm - Netherportals with trapdoors
When crossing open trapdoors between portals, the pig zombies fall from the obsidian frames and can be collected and transported to the farm chamber by customizable water streams.

Gold Farm - Water Stream
Once there, you can either farm for gold and XP manually (significantly increased gold yield through Loot I-III enchantments!) or activate the fully automatic farming process, which drowns the pig zombies in a simple water trap.

Gold Farm - XP Farm Gold Farm - Fully Automatic (Water Trap)

To activate and deactivate the farm or the portals, you need a redstone switch on the side, which is explained below and is very simple in its basic structure!

Gold Farm - Redstone 2017-01-06_07-54-07
Of course, obtaining the obsidian in Survival Mode at the beginning of the game is not easy and tedious, but this farm can be adjusted in its size to your respective possibilities and game progress ideally!

If interested: Building in a medieval survival world and more information and background is summarized in this video!




The function to activate and deactivate the portals is explained quite simply. Activating the portal requires a caster with a lighter, which receives a simple redstone signal. Deactivation requires another caster with a bucket of water, which receives a much shortened redstone signal (pouring out the bucket) and then a signal delayed by 2 ticks draws the water back in. The following pictures or the video above can help you understand this! Gold Farm - Redstone Gold Farm - Redstone Gold Farm - Redstone   The switching mechanism between fully automatic (AfK farm) and semi-automatic (XP farm) use of the gold farm is a simple water elevator, whose lowest unit for fully automatic operation is filled with water by a thrower (water bucket) so that the pig zombies drown in the water trap above. Goldfarm - Mechanism   Items are collected through funnels and can be stored in any crate stores, while in semi-automatic mode, the XPs generated reach the player through the gaps between stages. Gold Farm
Minecraft medieval survival gameplay combining functionality, looks, style and context! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8dnupwo_-Lpe47d2TdXObJeAsnPNZjRh


  1. Obsidian in the overworld is actually quite simple to procure or to create immediately suitable. Needed are a bucket (more reduced running around, I used 36 for the gold farm), a water source and lava that is in the way.

    After that I created 21 blocks long and 1 block deep trenches where the portals should appear and filled them with lava. Pour water over it, obsidian appears and the unetre part of the portals is ready.

    The sides require some acrobatics and I have each side of each portal in a run poured, this goes easiest. But you can also pull up all portals in parallel layer by layer. In my case I used 21 lava buckets, a water bucket, a shovel and 2 stacks of sand. With sand build a dam around the side of the portal (4 blocks are enough, diagonally nothing has to be) and stand on it. Then 21 times pull the dam one layer higher so that there is a 2 block hole in the middle. At the bottom of the hole fill in lava and then pour water over it. At the end dig the sand out from under you. Repeat for the other side and every other portal.

    Finally, for the upper part make trenches again. This time you have to build them high in the air. If you are afraid to fall down it is worth to sporadically spread water on the ground so that there is water everywhere. Falling into the water will not cause any damage.