Passenger lift

Complexity: simple
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Passenger lift

This elevator or paternoster is ideal for houses with many floors.

The elevator turns in circles all the time like a paternoster. To ride along you simply "jump" up and stand directly at the bars.


Attention: If you take grids for the lift, you have to take a glass pane at the station to exit (as shown on the screenshot) or the other way round! Otherwise it does not work.
In order for everything to turn you have to make sure that the amplifiers all have the right setting.
If you let the elevator rotate all the time, it consumes computer power and the pistons are noisy. You can also build a switch to the clock to turn the whole thing off.


  1. I have an elevator, it also works with pistons, but the system is completely different and it goes faster! However, you can not get off in between floors!
    Yours: more practical/slow
    Mine:faster/recycled,complicated, "TOO" fast!

  2. does this also work in muliplayer?
    had with other systems often the problem that you hang in multiplayer because of the ping in the block ...