Columns gardens

Complexity: simple
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Columns gardens

Hanging gardens are relatively beautiful to look at and they radiate their own aura

- I have created my huge temple garden alone in just over 3 weeks and that on the Xbox without mods and without Worldedit


----Build thin pillars and with the use of regular breaks place soil, flowers etc. on top of them place pumpkins melons


  1. is now somehow not a real "building idea" that others can use for themselves, or do I see it wrong...?!
    Of course an impressive building, but for me the "idea" behind it is not really clear...

  2. @HS-Piccolo you are right um the idea is that haha (: it should be hanging gardens so Z.b in the case on pillars or on hanging tubs yes is actually only in larger structures very effective and feasible please also evaluate my other ideas

  3. @Blank Only now I understood what you mean I have now sent three times already what with ruins 1 times bridge 2 times mountain pass 3 times temple

  4. @Blank Hm unfortunately nothing more except small things but I'll build something big again what would you dier wish I would like to build an underwater city