Player trap with lava ceiling

Complexity: simple
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Player trap with lava ceiling

As soon as the player destroys the gravel behind the ladders to get to the crate, the ladders drop and the lava flows down.

If an enemy player wants to get to the crate, he has to destroy the gravel above it, the ladders attached to it are dropped, causing the lava to flow down and harm the player. So that the lava is not recognized as a danger, I built a glass floor underneath and "disguised" it as lighting.


The way it works is quite simple; under the gravel (behind the glass) is a box in which possibly could be important things. On the gravel itself are ladders that lead into a second optional Floor lead. The ladders keep the lava above.


  1. Well, I think it is badly suited. First of all, the player has to see the box, even though there is gravel in front of it (and he also has to dig from that side). Then the whole thing also looks quite suspicious. In addition, lava flows so slowly that the player in the meantime is already long gone again and at the end you have to rebuild the whole thing again, especially with a wooden house is annoying, if one is torched.