Rainbow Dash

Complexity: simple
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Rainbow Dash

Giant Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony made of colorful wool.


  1. Someone has to clear something up. Please remain calm and accept the ignorance of Chiara. She has to follow the rules better in the future. By the way, it's only allowed to send in building ideas for the Pc/Xbox/PlayStation, because there are not all blocks in the PocketEdition. In the future just play on the Pc and read a bit. Thanks 🙂

  2. It would be nice if you guys didn't always make up rules. Of course you're allowed to upload PocketEdition stuff, the only hitch with those is that the screenshot doesn't look as nice because you can't hide the HUD.

  3. and 0815Julian don't make up fake rules.

    1. at Xbox and Playstation there are also not ALL bricks like on the COmpute version
    2.this is about the general collection of ideas
    3. this horse is not my taste but a great idea for people who want to build a child-friendly server OR if someone in the SP just needs something that fits in there.
    4.do not so on KLugscheißerchen such a thing always comes badly.
    5. it is not my taste but the idea to do something like this is good because there are many (especially) female players who also like something like this indirectly. neutral point from me

  4. @ All those who say "You can't turn off GUI/HUD in PE" - That was already possible half a year after the release of [Alpha 0.10]. You should have done some research before you pull down the others with something so stupid.