Rainbow Sheep Farm

Complexity: simple
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Rainbow Sheep Farm

Tired of constantly looking for dyes to get colored wool for carpets? The trick with the colored sheep should already be known, but it makes in large plants also still purely visually a good impression.


  1. The size is not only unnecessary but also unproductive. More sheep like grass fields means inevitably that there are phases where there is no grass, so the sheep can not produce wool. 2*2 field with 4 sheep is enough and more efficient. Cover the fences with carpet then you can also get into the enclosure to get the wool, and out again.

  2. @Minuku with me buggen the always on/in the upper row of fences =D

    @Picassoo what to go in for? I have mine rebuilt so that I quickly come to all the animals and all the pens are laid out with funnels so that the wool automatically goes straight into my tailoring =)

  3. @picasso: If there are more sheep than grass, it does not mean that it is inefficient. Because in absolute numbers you still get as much wool as with a 1:1 ratio. It's just that with more sheep, they eat that grass faster, which leaves more room for new grass 😉