Remote control

Complexity: simple
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Remote control

A simple remote control that can be used to activate remote mechanisms.

The remote control is operated by turning the lever.
The command block is now activated at every signal and checks the entered coordinates according to the entered block.
If successful, a signal is output.

A message is also sent. To turn this off you can use the command
/gamerule commandBlockOutput false


The lever operates a sticky piston that pushes a stone (or any other movable block) to a certain position.

As "receiver there is the command block.
This one has orders:
/testforBlock ~ ~ Stone

Instead of ~ ~ ~ the coordinates of the stone with extended piston are given.

And instead of Stone the Id of the block that is moved by the piston is specified.

A comparator is placed on one side of the command block. This now conducts a signal when the stone is in the right place.

On the other side a Klock is attached. It does not matter whether this is made of amplifiers, funnels or the like.