Scarecrow with a small field

Complexity: mid
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Scarecrow with a small field

As you can see from the picture, this is a small field and a scarecrow.

Have fun watching it 🙂

The picture shows a small field with a green dressed scarecrow, which is surrounded by a few oaks. Next to the field are a box, hay bales and some grass with flowers.


Image with texture pack


The picture was taken with the Wormsboy1 texture pack.


Step 1: Look for a free area Step 2: Build a wheat field of any size (see picture).   2016-11-20_09-40-30   Step 3: Put fences around the field and also trees a little further away, as you can see in the pictures. 4th step: You put grass and flowers (for lazy people: spam bone meal!). Step 5: Put some hay bales somewhere next to the field and decorate them with a box and a flowerpot with a red mushroom. 6th step:You build the scarecrow. (Under the orange carpets, barrier blocks were used to get them: /give @player-name barrier; but you can also use spider threads).   Scarecrow   With barrier blocks placed at the level of the pumpkin:   2016-11-20_09-39-56   Have fun rebuilding! :)  
A warm welcome! ? My name is LeoCats, I have been playing Minecraft since June 2015. In addition to being an admin of a server, I like to build. Have fun! ?