Secret lava entrance

Complexity: simple
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Secret lava entrance

Underneath a lake of lava, separated by shields, is water, which stops you from burning and surviving.

The higher up you jump into the pool, the faster you get through the lava. You should definitely jump into the pool and not just run in, otherwise you often do not survive them.


  1. Good idea, on servers something like that is really handy, who would just jump into a lava pool^^ you could maybe also make pressure plates below, which trigger a caster, which then throws a potion of healing on you.

  2. You always make simple, but really good ideas 😀 You could also make a game with it and build several lava pools, but only one is the one with water and there waiting then slides or something 😀

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  4. Yeah man! I play with a friend always online but he allows the still others come to it, which then scrap our base. finally a good secret entry!