Shield Designs

Complexity: simple
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Shield Designs

A few designs for signs.

  • Foreword

The image upload is still too high for me.
Please forgive me for creating an extra Dropbox account...
where I upload my creations where you can see them.
you can see it too.

I'm sorry

  • What for?
    Well there is an idea of Dekili for the emergency exit:

    I want to upload more shield versions now.


Here's the "warning sign" for now:

The "Exclamation Sign":

The "first aid sign":

The "event sign":

The "mountain sign" If you want to name any mountain:

The instructions will follow;



  1. I find the idea good and I also think that it was well implemented. Some disliken simply because they want to be better and that sucks. The signs look good and it definitely deserves a like.

  2. The idea is good

    the tutorial not really. you can upload extra here the things and then is each sign as a picture zusehen. that I have to click on each link to see an image file nervt already übertriebens

  3. @matthi94 So seriously: The idea is probably not stolen!!! There comes probably every 10th maybe sometime on the idea to make a sign on a sign. I had these signs already before I knew this side! Besides: It is NOT stolen! After all, I uploaded OTHER signs! And if I was stealing it, I would hardly have linked the other sign!

    And if you say the idea would be stupid it would have to mean that you find that of Dekili just as stupid because it is another variant!

    Most comments: matthi94
    His judgment: Not to be taken seriously

    I am now quite annoyed I must say since it makes no sense what you're saying. Because you say: Since it's pretty much stolen from emergency exit. And the mountain sign doesn't look anything like an emergency exit sign....

  4. @matthi you can not even write something positive in the commis? I only ever read negative commis from you. Also, @SirTurtle is right, when I saw the emergency exit sign, I considered uploading some more signs myself. SirTurtle is right about (quote from SirTurtle):
    Most comments: matthi94
    His judgment: Not to be taken seriously

    I couldn't agree more. You could, if you have something to gripe about, make your commis decent. And if you do not know what "decent" means, then google it xD