Ship crane

Complexity: simple
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Ship crane

A crane for loading and unloading medium-sized ships.

White net ws I should write here. The pictures say more than 1000 words =)




  1. Starviper's boat crane has been here for a while. If you already had this idea, but have not uploaded / could, that's your problem. Besides, the whole thing is ugly and brings nothing.


  2. Gamegirl if you're looking for meaning in Minecraft then I wonder what you're playing for.

    The only game that makes sense is called Reallife and is supposed to be playable in HDD resolution AND in 3D O.o

    I like this ship crane better because he looks more real for ships and not like nen construction site crane. but everyone has his own opinion here, which is why everyone can upload his ideas and everyone may say what he thinks. =) but to say it is pointless is already a bit hard in a virtual game which is generally SINNLOS ^^

    /edit : and yes it's my problem if I catch a trojan ^^