Complexity: simple
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A ship, for example, made of birch wood.

Not much to tell but the ship should still have a lower deck.
And it's best to do it in not so deep water. Have fun!


  1. So, the thing about the ship that 'looks caotic' is also true. But the lower deck of the ship takes on the response of a realistic ship. Of course, the tower does not fit, and one could install sails. Conclusion: the ship does not correspond to the realistic taste. The ship still gets a thumbs up, but the points awarded to 5/10P.Next time Better to pay attention to real ships eg in Google enter the search term ship and images Anziegen let.

  2. KmunHD is absolutely right, the tower does not fit. You could also add sails. Search the internet for pictures of ships, or rebuild a model in Minecraft. You might as well try starting with large ships to get some experience. I would also advise you to use turrets on ships when the ship is over 20 meters wide and at least 50 meters long. Only then it looks good ;). Otherwise it looks pretty good - Like.

  3. I find quite successful, but only for shipbuilding beginners.
    The observation tower is too massive, so use half steps, also it belongs closer to the cabin. For the platform I also take around the mast a 3x 3 area without fence. The sails can also be mounted in a coiled form which is easier to construct. The ship itself is still too angular, especially at the back. Simply 3 blocks in the direction of the front left and right abtragen and schwupp iss rounder. All in all, you can still improve a lot, for the first ship it would be quite well done.
    Ps: I post then still my ships here purely

  4. If you put the tower on top of the cabin and make it a little lower, it looks better!
    Or make a sail out of wool, the tower higher and the end smaller and you're done! So it would look 1000 times better.