Small aquarium house

Complexity: simple
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Small aquarium house

You can see a small house with a built-in aquarium for squid and space for other things.

On the picture you can see two of my horses at the entrance and on the wall a corner with three of my wolves. On the right you can easily see the aquarium which is also visible from the outside!


It doesn't matter how you build the house, just remember to put a corner in where you put the aquarium.
Tip: It's best to build the aquarium in front and then put a house around it ;)


Now to the inside of the aquarium. In the bottom Glowstone and sandstones inserted. Fill the aquarium with water and now to the squids;

I built mine on a server and out of kindness an admin gave me 3 spawn eggs for a good price so I didn't have it quite as hard.

Survival: If you can not get to spawn eggs then there is only one way, squids go on a leash but they do not follow you, so it is eig. already mandatory that you build it next to a lake! then you have to install 2-3 squids from the lake before and then build a way to the aquarium that the squids swim in there. This is a very annoying and time consuming work, but in my eyes it is worth it.

IMPORTANT: You have to name the squids with name tags, so they don't despawn!