Small piano

Complexity: simple
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Small piano

A detailed piano for small houses.

There are already three ideas here under the title "piano", but they are basically wings, so here is my variation.


As keyboard I took spruce wood steps with normal rails on it. Behind it, at the bottom, I have Netherbricks. On top of that just note blocks and spruce wood labs. You can also take activation rails and push a lore back and forth, which then make a sound. As a piano stool I used a bug (?), in which I gave me with /give @p 26 2 two beds (ID=26), because you can't stack beds, half beds come out, these always point to the south.
I have remodeled the whole thing a little bit and built a "creepy piano" out of it:
An avid Minecrafter who doesn't shy away from redstone and command blocks or decorating ideas.


  1. Slightly smaller model. One thing surprises me though: as far as I know, steps on note blocks also block the sound. (If even torches do that...)
    So I don't think this is working correctly.