Small sandstone houses

Complexity: simple
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Small sandstone houses

A series of small houses for a desert village.

The front house is the smallest house for which this style works: the ground area is 7×7 blocks and the ground floor is 4.5 (!) blocks high. (Not counting the granite floor here).
The ceiling of the ground castle is at the level of the tree trunks. Above the ceiling, the outer edge is bordered with half a block.
The first floor is built one block farther in (at least 5×5) and is not accessible from the ground floor in this example. However, if you build the house a little bigger, you can add a ladder to the top.
The first floor is also 4.5 blocks high.



The example from the cover picture is in the middle of this picture - slightly shifted to the back.
On the left, some (important) details come out well: It is important to make the windows 1.5 blocks high for good proportions to the rest of the building. On the half block at the top of the window, a sign works very well as a "shutter".
The polished sandstone enhances the buildings. For simple buildings I would use them only at the corners. The house on the right is already somewhat larger with 9x7 footprint and has the polished blocks also next to the door and windows.
The house on the right has a 1st floor with a 7x5 footprint, leaving exactly 1 block of space next to the perimeter of the ground floor with the half blocks and wall of the 1st floor to get up with a ladder.
The doors made of birch wood also fit very well, but look much more noble -> possibility to upgrade. The doors made of spruce fit well and devalue the buildings -> barracks
If you want to make the buildings even bigger, you can work with full blocks as borders at the corners and thus create an exclusive look (high building in the background) and also small patterns with steps work very well there.
As you can guess, you can set off well here with orange colored clay or bring in some variation with orange sandstone. Also the blue stones from the underwater temple can be combined here very well!
Have fun rebuilding it!


  1. very very good 
    cool houses 
    cool windows 
    cool the wood decor 
    cool that the houses are small so mahn can build very simple very many 
    The earth out there is very cool so fell fell pleasing and kept simple 
    and the idea with the picture frames is also very cool that would be the easiest way to show that you get there meat or armor.

    I'll give you a LIKE