Snow Farm

Complexity: simple
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Snow Farm

With a trick you get a lot of snowballs very quickly.

These snowballs, for example, you can further process into snow blocks and use them for building. Advantage over wool: snow can not burn and you can get it faster.


You lock a snowman on a block so that he can not get out but you can collect the snowballs yourself. Now the snow under the snowman is removed by shovel. !THE SNOWMAN MUST STAND IN A SNOW BIOME!


  1. "!THE SNOWMAN MUST STAND IN A SNOW BIOME!" That's bullshit. You can build snowmen anywhere. Even in the Nether, they melt there but you can build them.
    And for the farm it can stand anywhere it just needs to be covered otherwise it will melt when it rains.

  2. Bad...
    Here my, snow golem is not attacked by monsters:
    !!!Sand was just to take a screenshot!!!
    1. build fence 2 high and 2 fences to the upper ran
    2. build snow
    3. pumpkin up
    4. push Golem into the corner (against the fence)
    5. aim at one of the upper fences
    Sixth and fence.
    Works 100%-ig, it doesn't even matter where you take the snow away!