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Complexity: simple
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Snowman that you can use as lighting and outdoor Christmas decoration.

You can set up the snowman well as a lantern so that no monsters spawn e.g. to the wayside or in the animal enclosure. -
The buttons are stone buttons and the arms are levers. The head is narülich a jack-o'-lantern. For the snow block you can also use wool.


If you build it out of snow in creative mode it becomes a mob. To prevent this, first build the pumpkin and then the snow blocks, so from top to bottom.


  1. Take out the sentence with creative mode, that's not true (and don't say okay I did, because if you did I'll edit my comment ^^)
    The main thing is not to place the pumpkin last.
    I've never seen the buttons before, and find them a nice improvement.

  2. SchmerSau, however the same thing happens in Survival, so the sentence itself is pointless.
    Doesn't matter if it's Creative or Survival, build the pumpkin last and it becomes a mob.