Table tennis table

Complexity: simple
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Table tennis table

A stylish Table tennis table which fits very well in the garden of a house. It also complements excellently with a Sports ground or a Gymnasium.
The structure has partially with correct application ecothrophological benefits.

Good explanation with all the features ( if you browse the channel then you will also see the other ideas of mine & I also make bedwars, smash and much more 😀 look but times past ) :

Here the table tennis table from the view of a player:


Now once from above:


And finally, from the side:



You are probably wondering how you can put the rugs above the floor. It's very simple, because you only have to place a thread on the desired floor! By the way, you can get a thread from spiders.
Here is another picture with black wool instead of grass, because you can see the light thread better there!



  1. This was the best building idea of 2014 by rating percentage. If 0% were only negative ratings and 100% were only positive ratings, this submission scored 96.4%.

  2. Have you ever noticed that dear matthi94 here somehow has everything from certain people who are above him in the rankings? Okay. I've still left you a Like there matthi94.

  3. if you have noticed @Albot , are on the page all well rated ideas from this page to find and the Erste Kommentar is eindeutug earlier than the date on the page. The pictures there are also only copied. So, first look carefully bovor one hatet. 😀

  4. thank you 🙂

    that with the barrier blocks is ne good idea! But the threads you see anyway actually not 🙂 The only advantage is that you can build the plate on water or lava, but who does that already xD

  5. i'm really sorry for the comments i wrote earlier, i was just jealous... but you can't always be the best and it doesn't look that bad :D. that's why i give it a well deserved like!